Adventure & Tour Packages

Book your experience on one of our 100 percent locally owned and operated tours. We offer sustainable and eco-friendly ocean adventures and tours, and operate in a mindful and ethical capacity towards our marine life.

We prioritise water safety and our guides are fully experienced and qualified in giving our guests a safe and unforgettable experience.

Turtle & Eagle Ray Tours

$150NZD per person

2 Hours
Tour Includes
-Premium Quality Snorkeling Gear (Snorkel, mask, fins)
-Local Coconut Show
-Raw photography uploaded onto your phone(exc OPPO) or USB straight after your tour
-Local organic refreshments & fruit baskets, all handmade by our team!

Private Turtle & Eagle Ray Tour


1-2 people (additional $150 per person)
2 Hours
Tour Includes
-Premium Quality Snorkeling Gear (Snorkel, mask, fins)
-Local Coconut Show
-Raw photography uploaded onto your phone or USB straight after your tour
-Local organic refreshments & fruit basket

Spearfishing Tour

$450NZD per person

4-5 Hours
Top Quality Spearfishing Gear
Raw Photography
Beach BBQ to end the tour

Over the Reef Freediving Tour

$250NZD per person

3 Hours
Free diving over the reef into the open ocean
Premium Quality Snorkeling Gear (Snorkel, mask, fins)
Raw Photography
Organic local refreshments

Surfing & Body Boarding Tours

$100NZD per person

Up to 4 Hours
Experienced surfers and body boarders only
Reef breaks and point breaks
Local knowledge on surf conditions
Guarantee a spot in the line up on the surf amongst the locals

Fishing Charter


Shared Charter
$220 per person half day(4 hours)
Minimum 2 People or Maximum of 4

Private Charter
$1100 half day(4 hours)
$1600 full day(7-8 hours)
Maximum 4 People

All fishing gear provided

Bush Walks

$80NZD per person

1.5-2 Hours
Local knowledge on plants, medicinal plants, fauna, culture and Cook Islands history
Trek within the valleys


Do you need a deposit to book?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit upon booking our tours.

We have an online account (Rarotonga & NZ) which payments can be made to and the remaining amount must be paid on the day of the tour.

The deposit ensures that should any last minute cancellations happen, we can partially cover for any other potential bookings that could have been made in place.

Our deposits are also non-refundable. Unless we have to cancel the tour due to the weather conditions or under-staffed, the deposit will remain with Go Local Cook Islands.

Do you provide transportation to and from your tours?

Unfortunately we do not offer this option any longer. You will have to find your way to meet us at the beach.

What are your operating days and hours?

We only operate Monday-Friday, and only on low tides so the tour times change daily.

What should I bring on the tour?

A towel, water, and good vibes. We provide the rest.

Do you provide gear for the tours?

Yes we do for all tours. If you have your own gear, then you can bring that too.

Where is your business based on the island?

We have a beach set up at Avaavaroa Passage in Vaimaanga. You will see Go Local Cook Islands signage.

You can visit us there Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.
Or we can be found at the Saturday Town Markets and Sunday Muri Markets

Do you provide photography and is it edited?

We do provide photography with our tours. We edit some of the photos and also give you the raw files.
You will receive your photos whilst you are still on your holiday. If in any case we cannot deliver the photos to you in time, we can certainly deliver them here through our password protected client gallery.

How long are the tours?

Each tour has a time limit however we are probably the most flexible tour on the island. Some of our guests may want to spend a longer amount of time on the tour and we cater to that.

Do you have to be a good swimmer?

It definitely helps if you know how to swim. We do have guides that will assist you throughout the whole tour and we provide floats and paddleboards for support when out on the water.

Can children go on the tours?

Yes. We do have an age limit from 7 years and over who can join in on our turtle and eagle ray tours. We love to encourage the kids to be on our turtle tours as this is such an amazing learning and educational experience for them especially.

Is there a guarantee that we would see turtles?

We can almost guarantee you will see a turtle every single time we go out into our passage. However if there is an odd chance this doesn't happen we offer a cash back guarantee excluding the deposit fee.

Are we allowed to touch the wildlife on these tours?

No. We strongly discourage anyone trying to touch the turtles or any marine life when on our tours in the passage.
This is a big safety concern for our wildlife and people in general. We vocalise and try to educate the need to keep a distance from the animals to ensure there is no stress put on them, as well as the risk of any harmful bacterial transfer from our hands to the animal leaving them susceptible to disease.

Have your guides had first aid training?

Yes, as a standard requirement when building our team and hiring our guides, they must all be fully trained and have basic knowledge and skills in first aid. You can imagine growing up on our islands our boys have come across many incidents including with themselves as they spend much time in the ocean. We pride ourselves on safety.

What is the coconut show?

This is a traditional and local experience. Not many tour operators are blessed with the gift of being able to climb up a tall coconut tree and get down a coconut for you to drink. This is where we show you the skill of our local boys and a little bit of knowledge around how we can get one of the most sought after hydrating drinks in the world. Fresh Nu aka coconut.

Ready for an adventure?